About the Fiji Independent Travellers & Backpackers Guide

Fiji is the hub of the South Pacific drawing more than 600,000 visitors each year. The Fiji Independent Travellers & Backpackers Association (FITBA) has recognised the growing travellers movement in Fiji and the need for constant evaluation of our visitors needs.

This site provides an up-to-date overview of Fiji, need to know basics about indpedendent travelling, backpacking, budget accommodation availability and a summary of activities that Fiji provides in hop on / hop off transport, tours, ferries, water sports, shopping and EVENTS

As we guide your quest for adventure and discovery, our mission is to provide lots of information and budget saving ideas on how to explore Fiji safely and economically, ensuring you will be aware of all Fiji has to offer and maximise the engagement of your visit. Explore the site to find operators & their websites for further information.

Bula & we welcome you to our island paradise, where the world's friendliest people are waiting for you.......

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